Monday, July 9, 2012

short story ebook sale: What He’s Poised to Do by Ben Greenman

Did you know that we’re having an ebook sale with our friends at One Story? We’ve got many short story collections on sale for the entire month of July for just $1.99. Here on our tumblr we’re going to highlight each collection individually, starting with Ben Greenman’s What He’s Poised to Do.

In one sentence, what is this book about?

Love, infidelity, and the vanishing art of letter writing.

Have I heard of this author before?

Ben is an editor at the New Yorker. His other books include Superbad and Celebrity Chekhov. He loves charts.

You get paid to say this book is good. Who else liked it?

“Ben Greenman’s What He’s Poised to Do is a terrific collection—a set of elegant, inventive dispatches that knock around space and time, and the wrenching gaps between people, to chart a world of previously unnamed moments and emotions.” —Jess Walter, author ofBeautiful Ruins

I am well aware of Ben Greenman’s awesomeness and have already read this book. What’s his next project?

Ben has a novel coming some time in summer 2013.