Monday, July 16, 2012

authors on authors

Isabel Gillies just picked STATE OF WONDER for the new book club at Yahoo Shine. Here’s what she had to say:

"One of life’s great pleasures is having a good book to read in the summer-but ironically, the summer, with kids out of school, BBQs, and long days at the beach making sure no one drowns, can be a challenging time to make space for reading. That is why you need a REALLY good book that demands you keep picking it up. ‘State of Wonder’ by Ann Patchett is that kind of book. ‘State of Wonder’ is a gripping, beautifully written novel that from the very first page sweeps you into a world filled with adventure, a little mystery, juicy characters and complex human relationships. It reads like a memoir in that the protagonist’s voice is very strong and intimate-immediately you can relate to her and you care where she goes and what happens to her while she is there. And boy does she go on an adventure! Dr. Marina Singh, a research scientist, is charged to find her old mentor Dr. Annick Swenson who is developing a fertility drug deep in the jungles of The Amazon. Heat, bugs, murky creature-infested waters, and an indigenous tribe of people whose women can have babies into their seventies. I think we will have a lot to talk about after reading this book, but I know that anyone who picks it up won’t be able to put it down, even with the sprinkler on and eleven kids in your back yard."