Wednesday, July 11, 2012

short story ebook sale: Vanishing by Deborah Willis

As you may recall from one of the many posts about it, we’re having an ebook sale with our friends at One Story, with some of our favorite short story collections on sale for the entire month of July for just $1.99. Today we’re highlighting Vanishing by Deborah Willis.

In one sentence fragment, what is this book about?

Emotional and physical absences, the ways in which people leave and are left, and whether it’s ever possible to move on.

Have I heard of this author before?

The book was named one of the best of 2009 by the TorontoGlobe and Mailand won some awards. Deborah is a bookseller at Munro’s, a store in British Columbia.

You get paid to say this book is good. Who else liked it?

““Spare, haunting and insightful, these stories are wonderfully wrought snap shots about human frailty and loss that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading.”    —Calgary Herald

I am well aware of Deborah Wilis’s awesomeness and have already read this book. What’s her next project?

Nothing in the pipeline from us yet, but you can keep up with her on her website, where you can all see the equally great Hebrew cover for the book.